Fridge controller board

  • Samples signals from Battery, mains and Fan and slightly moves temperature setpoint

  • Makes Fridge system cooler on Mains than battery, using Shore power vs battery

  • Simple installation parallels operation relays and probes

Fridge controller board
Design is public domain
Design is public domain
Project (Short name: ecox4)
Fridge controller board
Project Status
Design work Complete
PCB Number
Version Date
7 Mar 2009

Circuit Diagram

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Circuit diagram

Bill of materials

Parts list and notes

Fridge controller board Bill Of Materials

PCB design

PCB size H WH x W
Diameter of holes: 3.5mm

PCB overlay image

Gerber files

The PCB manufacturing files

Fridge controller board Gerber files

Documentation package

Fridge controller board Documentation (PDF)
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